Where Fitness Matters, Because Regardless of whatever you want to do in life, Fitness Matters


The worst times in my life were when i felt disempowered by horrendous injuries, hopelessness and lack of fitness. It left me feeling weak, incapable and emasculated.

I coach people to regain their sense of phsyical agency and unleash their inner primal athelte.

Because Fitness Matters. 

"When you are physically capable, you set the stage for your own success ."

Unleash Your Primal Athlete

With over 20 years of coaching experience & a diverse educational background, Chris is a highly sought-after coach.

Transform your health journey with PrimalThenics! We’ve embraced the life of fitness and distilled it into an accessible, effective approach that fits seamlessly into your hectic lifestyle. As a busy high-achiever, you deserve a training solution that’s as dynamic and versatile as you are.

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You have sacrificed your health and physique to chase your career and start your family. That is okay.

But now, it is time to reclaim your health and Fitness.

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Join a tribe of like-minded individuals and train with a tribe. No nonsense. Just good effective training and coaching to get you Fit, Lean, and Mobile.

The Primal Way

In the PrimalThenics World, health and fitness are redefined, marrying ancestral wisdom with contemporary scientific understanding to forge a comprehensive approach to well-being. This realm prioritizes enduring habits over fleeting trends, viewing the human body as a remarkable system of muscles, bones, and spirit. Nutrition is not about strict diets but about thoughtful, balanced choices, providing the body with the nutrients it needs from natural sources.

This world acknowledges the deep interconnectedness of mind, body, and environment, developing mental resilience in tandem with physical strength. Nature is more than a backdrop; it's an integral part of the fitness journey, offering both healing and challenges. Social connections are authentic and supportive, with every individual both learning from and contributing to the community. It's a journey focused on continual growth, where each day is an opportunity to learn, evolve, and become the best version of oneself.

In the PrimalThenics World, physical activity is not just a routine but a celebration of our inherent potential, a nod to our evolutionary past that compels us to maintain our fitness, strength, and mobility. It's about acknowledging our evolutionary legacy and embracing the responsibility to nurture and utilize our innate physical capabilities, ensuring that this legacy of strength and adaptability endures.

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For the first time I can remember I feel like I've found a coach who understands the rigors i face professionally, and the stresses personally, and who knows his stuff. His breadth of knowledge is extraordinary. I am getting fitter every day


IT Consultant Executive

He is the best health and fitness coach I ever had.

Brit Elmslie

Dual Olympic Gold Medalist

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"When you are physically capable, you set the stage for your own success ."