Chris is a Coach with a very eclectic background.

He’s had so many injuries and accidents that he’s all about finding ways to overcome pain and dysfunction.

PrimalThenics is a style of training Chris created to combine his clinical musculature rehab skills and coaching experience. It uniquely involves the combination of mobility drills, neurological techniques, muscle activation, crawling and high intensity calisthenics, all done using bodyweight only and designed to be completed in a small space.

The PrimalThenics app brings this training style into people’s homes, with a range of full follow-along sessions, as well as rehab, mobility, stretching and express sessions.


LeanSuits combines his 20+ years of coaching into a system that by-passes all the regular requirements for training and gets it done in 20minutes by using electrical stimulation to get your muscles working in a way not traditionally possible.


Coach Chris Miller


Creator PrimalThenics App: Train Smart

Creator LeanSuits Fitness: Get FIT, LEAN, STRONG fast

Owner PrimalThenics Studio: Where Expert Coaching Meets Group Fitness 

Head Coach of Australia Exxentric 

Master Level Trainer EMS

Head of Research and Science Hydra Longevity Anti-Anging Supplements


Adv. Dip. Tradtional Chinese Medicine

Bachelor Health Science

Gad. Diploma Tradtional Chinese Medicine

Grad. Cert. Tradtional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Bachelor Arts (History). Honours

Grad. Diploma Education Secondary 

Grad. Cert Sports Nutrition 

Grad. Cert Medical Neuroscience 

Grad. Cert. Functional Neurology

Grad. Diploma Health Coaching

Cert. 3 & 4 Personal Training 

Cert 4. Adult Vocational Education

Cert 4 Remedial Massage

EMS Master trainer

Exxentric Master Program

Specialist courses: EMS, Exxentric, Evolt, Bodyweight training, Weightlifting, Weightloss,

Kickboxing, Wim Hoff, Buteyko, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy,

Experience: Chris has Coached and Worked with 

– Olympic and Commonwealth Games Athletes: Beijing, London, Glasgow, Rio, Gold Coast, Birmingham

– Professional sporting teams: QLD Reds, Brisbane Broncos, Australian Wallabies, NT 7’s, Western Force, QLD 7’s,

Athletes from: NRL, Crossfit Games, Boxing, NBL, WNBL, NBL1

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